Washing your gear?



I've trained for several years now, and never actually properly washed my gear. It doesn't smell or anything... but I really feel I should wash it properly once in a while anyhow. Mostly I've just went over it all with a moist towel.

So how do you wash things like shinpads, helmets, gloves, etc.? I'm pretty sure you can't use the washer? Or?
Kinda at loss here :icon_conf

Edit: And no, checked the FAQ the manufacturers site doesn't say much
Shinpads, elbowpads, jockstraps, etc... if they are cloth can be washed in the washer and hung to dry. If they are leather or synthetic leather, you can spray/wipe them down with a diinfectant wipe. Same for helmets, gloves, etc. I wipe my gloves and headgear exterior surfaces with a germicidal wipe, and spray the insides with Lysol disinfectant spray after every training. Then hang to dry.

Do not put any gear made of leather or synthetic in the washer.

Some people say they use a mild bleach and water solution to wipe their equipment with but I have never tried this and am concerned what the bleach might do to the leather surfaces.
Slightly off topic, but I wash by BJJ gi's in my bathtub.

Living in an apartment, I don't want to spend $1.25 to use the washer, since I can really only put two gi's and nothing else in the machine.

I don't pay for water in my apartment, so I just fill up the tub with cold water, pour in detergent and let them soak for an hour or so. I "agitate" them with my hands a little bit, then drain it. I refill and re-drain the tub twice to rinse all the soap out. Hang dry.
For the shinguards boxing gloves, etc I spray with lysol and wipe them down then let them air dry outside.

How do you guys clean wrestling headgear? Mine smells pretty bad. I tried spraying it with lysol and it still stinks.
Boxing Gloves: Use Glove Dogs. They will absorb moisture and keep your gloves from smelling bad

Glove Dogs

Shins: Wipe down occassionally with a baby wipe for leather. Cloth style usually can be washed. I recommend hand washing and air drying

Head Gear: Wipe the outside with a baby wipe - you can also wipe the inside with a baby wipe IF the interior is leather. If the interior is an absorbant material/fabric: Use Febreze or some Lysol - in moderation.

Rashguards: Wash inside out in the washer, HANG DRY.

GI's: Machine wash on cold (unless you want to shrink it). Use loads of liquid fabric softener if you want to soften it. HANG DRY - then when dry you can fluff it in the dryer for 5-6 minutes

MMA Gloves: Allow to air dry. Occasionaly wipe with a baby wipe only when needed

Gym Bags Try not to leave them zipped and in your trunk, they can't breath this way. At minimum leave them unzipped. A great way to keep them smelling decent is to put several fabric softener sheets in it. Glove dogs also work well in your gym bag


MMA Shorts: Machine wash inside out and HANG DRY

Handwraps: Allow to air dry before re-wrapping them. When they need a washing, use a mesh bag

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