washing your gear



I posted this a while ago but I cant find it anymore.

How do I wash my Sprawl shorts without damaging them?
I wash all my fight shorts in cold/warm water with the zelco closed. I dry them on the fluff (no heat) cycle.

Yeah. THe big point is to make sure the velcro is closed. Last thing you want is for it to stick to other clothes and tear the shit outta them (particularly rashguards).

Mine are typically hand washed and then hung out to dry.
here's a tip to make your rashguards last a lot longer. Wash them in a pillow case.

Nice. Never thought of that. But I'm always afraid that I'll throw it in there, set the washing machine wrong and have all my stuff either shrink or melt.

Hence, most of my gear is hand washed. Throw it in a tub. Toss some soap in there. Rinse, repeat, hang.