Washing clothes


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Mar 29, 2007
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I was just wondering if theres a certain way to wash you no gi gear (rash guards, shorts, shirts) Most of my shorts say there have the antibacterial protection, and normally I just wash all my stuff in cold water, then no heat dry cycle. But I heard you need to wash in hot water to kill bacteria. But the instructions on all of my gear says cold. I dont want to ruin my stuff but I dont want bacteria and funky smells on my clothes.
I wash my rashies and shorts with my regular laundry.
sometimes I'll hang dry them, but other than that, nothing special.
I wash mine in regular cycle. I turn all my gear inside out in the wash and hang dry after.

I don't wash it usually with my regular clothing, but by the time I throw my towel, shorts, rashguard, jock, warm up pants and everything in there I get a good load.

I work at a group home and often wash soiled clothing, we have liquid disinfectant and pump it three times into the load. If you are worried about killing all the bacteria, I would suggest this, it doesn't have any effect on the clothing, and you wouldn't even need to use that much.
I never wash my gym clothes with my regular laundry, ever. For my gear (except my GI) I use the warm wash/cold rinse cycle. Then hang to dry.
i would just follow what the clothes tag says, I dont think u NEED to wash in hot water if its Anti-bacterial...i just follow the tags and never had any problems, i would suggest washing inside out like another member said tho. i do that wth my gear and my jeans lol.