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Warrior Diet with Starting Strength


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Mar 27, 2009
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Hello, I've been doing the warrior diet for about a week now with pretty good results as far as how I feel.

I've read a lot about the diet, and am half way through the book. So my question to you guys is...

Is the diet alright for someone like me who is not overweight?
Been doing starting strength 3 months with great results. Is this diet good for strength training?

I want to become leaner and don't care too much about my weight currently. (5'11 ~175 pounds)

My friend was saying the warrior diet contradicts everything he was ever taught in nutrition. So is the diet legit or some fad?

Thank You
I don't think the diet is bad for you even though you are underweight but make sure this diet should not leads to more of your weight loss but make you fit and healthy..
The warrior diet is legit. I personally don't follow it but it's close to the concepts I follow for myself. That said, if you're doing starting strength you should be eating a shit ton of calories within the framework of whichever nutrition plan you chose.

I would also make the somewhat bold claim that the somewhat attentive and intelligent D&S poster know significantly more about athletic nutrition than many if not most professional nutritionists.
Regardless of the diet, what you friend probably learned in nutrition was antiquated conventional wisdom from a teachers who haven't changed their course in years.
1. Warrior Diet - basic concepts are good (eat clean whole foods)
2. Starting Strength - good
3. Getting advice from your friends - bad, is your friend educated on the subject? If not, tell him to stfu
The Warrior Diet works. Your friend is wrong. However, it might be hard to do SS while eating only one meal per day. You need to be eating at a huge caloric surplus to complete SS as written, and eating 3000+ calories in one sitting while hitting your protein requirements is incredibly hard. You can still fast, but you might want to eat at least two meals so you can have an easier time getting enough food. I personally recommend eating a big meal before you lift so that you have lots of energy, and then eating again 1-3 hours later.