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Want to start training Muay Thai...


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Mar 14, 2005
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So this is basically what I was thinking about over the past few days. I am really committed to get started in Muay Thai. There is only one local school in my area and the price is pretty steep. So I was thinking of getting a head start and buying videos to learn me the basics before shelling out the big bucks to start training. I was wondering if there were any videos that you or have heard are good. I know the majority will probably say "Skip the videos and shell out the money for training" but that isn't really an option for now. I want to get in around 8-12 months from now and was wondering if you could recommend me a video that could get me a head start. My friends have bags and gloves that i have to use but I just need some videos to help me out. Thanks alot in advance
believe me, you don't want to injury yourself and/or your friends

really i wouldn't do what are you doing, but if you're doing thattake real care with elbows and knees, maybe it's a good ideia to just don't do them

well, some "garage grapplers" did like you and even of of them from rumania got the blue belt from royce gracie ask him in the grappels techs forum, but i really think that you must have somebody to watch and maintain a controlled enviroment

before the videos you should learn to wrap your hands, to warm up, and other details that usually the videos don't teach you, if you have a past exp with martial arts, then i think it would be ok

well i am not your momma so try rob's kamans videos i liked them a lot
try island martial arts web site (im not sure of the exact address). i think i remember them having some instructionals by rob mcullough.they should do fine for what your looking for.howerver i do highly recommend that you get in some instruction just to get your tech down.its reallyhard when trying to learn a new style to do it yourself.good luck bro.
Have a read through this Thread. It should have the answers you want already.

It's like learning a language from audio tapes, sure you will pick up some stuff but without someone to show you in person it will be poor technique. Also you run the risk of creating bad habits that will become difficult to shake off.

Maybe go to the gym and ask them if there is a work programme where you can work for the gym to pay off your lessons?
Start running, swimming, stretching, and do lots of calisthenics and body exercises in the mean time. Do things that will prepare you for the strength, cardio, and flexibility requirements. IMO, the videos will be a waste of time. And there really aren't any great tapes out there. Maybe Saeksan or Duke Rufus.
What everyone else said.

Do whatever you can to whip yourself into shape and get your strength and cardio up to a respectable level if you want to get a headstart training. If you're shape you can keep up with the training, train harder, recover quicker, and advance faster.

Conversely, trying to teach yourself any MA with videos will not only NOT get you ahead but more than likely set you back as you'll start developing bad habits that you first must unlearn in order to learn correctly. Having taught people who were self-taught, previously poorly taught, or just thought they knew it all I can tell you it'd more than likely be a detriment to any future training.

Instructional media like workout tapes and DVDs are good tools for for experienced martial artists who can recognize the mechanics and subtlties of technique by viewing them. They are most definately not for newbies. Take your traininng video funds and sock them away to buy sparring gear or something.
you'll find that almost every teacher has differing techniques, mostly depending on where theyre from. but if you learn from Muay Thai DVDs, you can get into bad habits that are hard to get out of when you actually start training. i'd say just condition and lift until you can actually get into the gym.
oh that was me - xthrasherx on huntermania's
There was a great show on MTV once. Dont no about any good videos