Want to hit Heavy bag bymyself....


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Nov 23, 2005
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I want to be able to punch my heavy bag bymyself, but after a couple of hits its swinging all over the place. Anything I can do to stabilize it so I can do cardio workouts on it... Its a pretty heavy bag nothing real light.
..... you know your opponent will also move, just follow it.
If it's moving A LOT, then you might be pushing the bag with your punches. A really hard but snappy punch will fold the bag, but not move it as much.
Ok I have the same problem too. And I noticed that the real boxers hit on the bag and the bag doesn't move.
Just move as the bag moves. it helps develop stamina and footwork. As you get better, the bag will move less
Really?? I must be doing something wrong cause it like swings back and forth
I think there are stabilizing straps you can buy that will prevent swinging...but at the same time, as has been mentioned already, your opponent is not likely to stand still while you pummel the crap out of him, so why should your bag? Hitting a swinging bag is great for working on footwork, timing, and guaging distance.
You probably aren't snapping your punches. Like someone already said, you are pushing your punches. I used to do the same thing some until my trainer corrected me.
lol its just hard to hit when its at a full swing haha im sure its cause im pushing though
Yeah I saw some training vids of kickboxers. When they hit the bag, it barely moved, but there were little crumple marks where they made contact.
Get a heavier bag.

Or, as was stated before, concentrate on snapping your punches rather than pushing the bag.

Maybe a stabilizing strap with a decent amount of slack will help to keep it from moving too much, but also allow for that movement to mimick your opponent moving.
what would you guys call a heavy bag I think mines only like 70 or so.....
My trainer would yell at me when I was moving the heavy bag while punching -- it helps to think about explosively "stinging" the bag with your punches, rather than pushing into it. It takes practice to get that snap, but it's worth it.
You could also try to punch fairly high up on the bag,
so that the bag will rotate more about its center of gravity
instead of swinging on a pendulum.
Move around and with the bag. An instructor of mine use to tell me that the heavy bag can be your best friend and teacher. It gives you feedback on how hard you hit and it can teach you how to move if you let it. Be friends with the bag.

"Be the ball Danny , be the ball. Nananananana......."
you might be pushing it, remember the force of the punch (or any strike for that matter) does not come from the arms. you should try joining or at least training for a few sessions (just to get a few basics) at your local boxing or muay thai gym if you're into kicks, elbows, knees, clinches and a few throws as well.