W/L/D - Does Wanderlei Retire After March 3, 2013?

Det Kimble

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Aug 20, 2007
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Wanderlei has fought professionally since November 1, 1996. He has been fighting, in general, since he was 16 years old, which means his fighting career is older than a lot of Sherdoggers. On March 3, he will face Brian Stann in a LHW bout. Many have called for Wanderlei's retirement since 2006. I think they are finally going to get their wish after this fight.

Why do I think Wand will retire? Simple:

-The fight is taking place in Japan, where he made a career for himself.
-He has hinted at retirement in recent interviews.
-He claimed that he wanted to fight at 205 again before retiring.

Win, lose, or draw, I think Wanderlei is going to hang up the gloves after this fight. Ideally, a KO victory in front of his home away from home would be the perfect way to close his career, so that is what I hope to see.

For these reasons, I think everyone should tune in and support the AXE MURDERER!

If Wand does retire, I just want to thank him for giving us many memorable moments. It has been an honor to watch the GOAT LHW compete.

This might be the last time we get to say this, so I'm closing the op with a



It would be awesome if he wins and retires. Always rooting for Wanderlei win, lose or draw!
It does seem like that may happen. Let's hope he goes out with a win.
A KO win followed by retirement would be ideal. I have no idea if it is gonna happen though.
no way he retires if he wins. If he loses by KO then maybe. He makes far too much money to give it up after a win(he's one of the 30 who have a ppv bonus).
Wandy is reluctant, he will only retire if forced to. So I believe he will stay for a while w/l/d.
Love Wandy but I don't have a good feeling.
I've been saying this as well.

Wanderlei winning in Japan in "vintage Wanderlei" fashion would be the best possible way to end the career of 1 of the greatest fighter's of ALL TIME.

If he does lose then let him have 1 more fight and retire in Brazil.
why the fuck would anyone be calling for his retirement or even suggesting it?
hes a fucking warrior who will never retire!
I was really hoping he'd retire after KOing Cung Le. Hope he beats Stann to retire on a win but it is a tough match-up.
He's 3-8 in the UFC and I hope after this fight he'll be 3-9 and after he can go to fight in Japan to "win" fights since he can't do it in the UFC.
Either way, whether W/L/D, it would be a fitting end to Wanderlei's career.
He's 3-8 in the UFC and I hope after this fight he'll be 3-9 and after he can go to fight in Japan to "win" fights since he can't do it in the UFC.

That's a little harsh dude. Wand is a good guy. Just because his fans are delusional doesn't mean you need to take it out on him personally....

If...and that's a big "IF".....Wand KO's Stann I don't see him retiring. He'll automatically think he's got some more in the tank for another KO so he won't retire. But if Stann mops the floor with him, I could see Wand doing it out of disappointment and final realization that it's time to let go.
Wand retiring in Japan with a win would be fairytalish. War Wand!
ufc needs to sign Wand to a 10 fight contract