VM grappling shorts


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Jan 3, 2006
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I was browsing through some VM stuff and i saw this pair of VM grappling shorts that i could have sworn i saw somewhere to buy, but i cant remember where now. and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find this pair of VM grappling shorts, heres the link since i dont know how to post pictures: http://www.mmauniverse.com/products/SS62

and ive got a question for BrazillianFightWear.com, that pair of grappling shorts you guys have on your site, the black ones that say brazillianfightwear.com on the sides in silver, i was just curious if the waste band was elastic or adjustable or anything because i wear a size 30 waste and the nearest size was a 29? id really appreciate any help.
doubtful BFW will check this, u should of put "ATTN: BFW" but anyways, i'll ttt this for you.

as for the grappling shorts, I'm pretty sure I know a place to get them, but the you'd be a fool to order from them. Anyone who knows me knows the company I'm talking about, let the horror stories continue. MMA Gear is devil.

I'll look around for other dealers though. maybe casca, or Rio know other places to get them. otherwise check out the following links, they dont contain those shorts, but they might have been discontinued.

Casca's V&M Section - http://www.casca-grossa.com/store/brand.asp?idManufacturer=9

scratch Rio, they dont seem to have them.

ahhh, thanks. im thinkin im going to get the red VM pair and a black sprawl with the last of my funds.