Vinny Magalhaes Disses Phil Davis On Twitter

Vinny Magalhaes should of fought Phil Davis at a catch weight at UFC 155.

Also, Vinny would lose to Phil Davis. Phil has the wrestling to stuff his takedowns and he would out strike Vinny.
I could see Vinny v. Davis being an absolutely terrible fight.
Nothing wrong with talking yourself into a big fight I suppose.

Too bad Davis would win in a terrible kickboxing match, no interest.
Vinny trying to skip steps on the ladder. Nothing to be upset about.
Phil via taking the fight wherever he wants. He will outstrike Vinny and avoid getting submitted on the ground.
Never liked this guy and never will, especially after he disrespected Nog in such a way on TUF. Nog achieved more in life and sport than this character can even dream off.

Oh yeah, just attack me sherdoggers, I don't give a shit that he posts on here, I've got a spine unlike most of you guys.

Oh yeah, and Davis would clown him like nothing and earn his first KO win.

I get tired of hearing him when he's basically done nothing in MMA, but what exactly did he do to Nog that was so bad?
He talks a lot for a guy who has never had a good win.
This guy just needs to shut his mouth and work his way up the ladder. Honestly, he doesn't deserve Phil Davis right now.
im not sure phil would outstrike him
He basically approached Mir and said that Nog ain't shit.

Not exactly.

I encourage you to read this: In regards to your perceived disrespect of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, do you recall how the situation began?

Vinny Magalhaes : Shane Primm was unfamiliar with me and had asked me what my credentials were, I told him about some of my tournament wins, and someone asked if that was more than Nogueira, and I said yes. I’ve never said I was better than Nogueira, my credentials are better, but that doesn’t make me a better fighter than him and I never said I was better than him. I saw Roli’s blog, and he is lying. There seems to be some controversy over your use of the word “Basic” when talking about Nogueira’s Jiu Jitsu with Frank Mir, what did you mean by that?

Vinny Magalhaes : First off, I think people are confused by the word “basic” and assume that is an insult. When I said basic I was talking about a style, Roger and Rickson Gracie would be great examples. Basic doesn’t mean bad, and people may be confusing that. I have always looked up to Nogueira, he is a hero of mine and there is no better jiu jitsu in mma. The situation seemed to turn into an altercation just before your fight, where you aware there was an issue?

Vinny Magalhaes : What you watched last night, didn’t take place until weeks after my first fight. The translation was terrible also. Nogueira and I were very close for most of the show, we got along very well. People thought they needed to gossip and start trouble, I never once said I have more skill than Nogueira. I answered a question, maybe I shouldn’t have answered. Have you had a chance to mend your relationship with Nogueira at this point?

Vinny Magalhaes : It’s not that big of a deal to me. I’m not expecting him to run up to me and apoligize, but I would like to talk to him if I get a chance. Hopefully he will see that I did not insult him. I never said any style was better, just different, and better credential’s do not mean you have more skill so that doesn’t mean a thing.
Vinny has a chance to submit any human on the planet
I like Phil, but this fight would be ugly. Phil would go for TDs, but will not sit in Vinny's guard. Phil wins a pretty predictable decision IMO.
He basically approached Mir and said that Nog ain't shit.

it's been a while but didn't he only really say that he had better credentials than nogeuira when asked who he thought was better at BJJ? (which he does)