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Video of Belfort - Bisping staredown

Belfort is a weirdo lol
meh, nothing too crazy. vitor just acting out a lil

Bisping is going to get blitzed so hard
Damn it's hard to be a Vitor nuthugger right now, wtf was that?

I guess I hope he is really ready.
i was expecting flames to leap out of vitors eyes. lame
thanks TS! looks like Vitor is ready I just think Bisping's gas tank is better, Vitor needs the KO in the first round to win this i think
LMAO I wish Bisping would just KO him, however unlikely it may be.
Oh geez, people are making this out to be much more than it is. From what I'd been reading it sounded like Vitor went completely apeshit. Somebody said he was screaming like a madman at the top of his lungs. There was more clapping his hands than screaming...
Vitor was just having a little fun and being himself is all,this fight will be a war and if it goes the distance could very entertaining
I hope he knocks Bispings head off. This fight is going to be awesome.

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