(video) Jeff Monson: Attacking From Bottom

i dont like how he teaches, its confusing, i watched this clip and i really didnt understand anything besides "always attack" and that deep halfguard sweep , but i saw his whole instruction on that before.

maybe its too advanced for me, but idk
Monson is thicker than a white rhino. Good heavens.
Worst way of teaching I've ever seen. Funny how he wants to put some "philosophy" into that. "Attacking"! Where is attacking in laying and praying?
you haters, lol... i liked the vid... The ideal instructional would be to show that whole series as the philosophy and then break down all the moves as well, and then drill it in that way, it's all shown too quickly to be an instructional.
i thought it was good. not a instructional per say he was just casually teaching guys at a seminar still got his points across. war monson
pretty good. I think people are pissed cause he didnt break down the moves... sort of reminds me of drilling techs at class, not a tutorial.
I think Monsons teaching is exceptionally good.. I learned alot from his instructionals.
Damn he's jacked! He doesn't need technique! Hehe!
Some people definitely have comprehension skills. He's not the most concise man but people on here act like he's talking Chinese.