*video* Chuck Liddell training and talking about Glover Teixeira

Looks like Chuck is about 5 months in.
Girl on the far left could get it. What's this thread about? Oh yeah, Glover's cool, Rampage is gonna bang him out.
girl on the far right would get it as well.

good interview, thanks for sharing TS.
Dat belly.

Good to see Chuck in good shape and helping out Glover.
I would like to see Chuck on something like the Joe Rogan podcast. I think after about 20 min he would be less nervous and really open up. I'm sure he has fantastic insight, and cool stories, but you never get them from him.
I was confused when they said that Rampage was out, then I realized that this was an old video.
"...guys kinda pick and choose their fights nowadays."

Iceman speaka da truth.
Hmm some Chuck testicle huggers
Glover needs a top 5 opponent. Jones will need somebody new to fight soon. Let's see Rashad vs Glover!