(vid) Rampage Jackson VS Blogger!

Always fun to see loudmouth web guys that don't train get owned. Next time you say you could do better, well, unless you're on the mat, don't.
Im pretty sure that was a joke on both sides.

Yeah, I know, but I kinda picture people like the UFC critic in there.

Reminds me of a similar deal where on a Brazilian TV show, they got a bunch of web bloggers to spar with Wand.
Anybody remember when Rogan tapped him out when they rolled?
did that caption say it was at NY Sanda? cuz it didn't look like it
They did admit that was fake, but is it really that far fetched that rogan could tap Rampage?
Anybody have a clip of Rogan and Rampage rolling?
Didn't expect him to suplex him like that, guess he was asking for it though. But still, ouch.
isn't rogan a brown belt in BJJ?

it is not that far fetched...

But rampage would wreck him in the octagon none the less lmao.

EDIT: I just saw Joe roll with a myspace challenger on youtube and it was pretty funny.
Dude got randleplexed lol

I know it was worked but it was a nice slam none of the less :)

Edit-Spelling -_-
That was a great video. Classic Rampage. TS, thanks for posting it.

I was impressed with Rampage's control with the suplex. He executed it in a way that prevented the blogger's neck from being hurt.