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Very strange knee injury.

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by Spoken, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Spoken Gold Belt

    Aug 28, 2009
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    Well, I hurt my knee 2 months ago or so in BJJ and I've been wearing a brace for it ever since. It always hurts on the left inside of my knee... but it was a really deep pain.
    Today, I went to pick something up (a god damn ping pong ball) and and as I knelt down and stood up, my knee popped, started filling with fluid and tightening up. I assumed I had finally torn something.

    I immediately hobble over to sit down and can just feel my knee getting huge. I eventually get over to the walk in clinic and the doctor takes a look and starts running some basic test to see where the pain in. He then got an X-ray and did some more test with with my knees.

    His final decision as to what happened to my knee was thus:
    He said my knee caps were really, really flexible and that he'd never seen kneecaps move that much or knees as flexible as mind. He then said I probably bent in some a way where my kneecap floated to one side and literally got caught. As I continued bending, it put pressure on the ligaments on the opposite side. When I straitened out, it kind of slingshots my knee back into place. My kneecap is agitated from being scuffed on the bottom and the ligaments are agitated from being pull in awkward directions. Thus, it fills with fluid and everything tightens up.
    He said if this were to happen in jiu Jitsu and I kept rolling and potentially did something whilst the ligaments were tight, that I could I blow out numerous ligaments.

    I didn't realize flexible knees and kneecaps could fuck my shit up so bad. I literally couldn't walk until I sat at the clinic for a bit. My left knee was HUGE compared to my right. I was shocked to hear the diagnosis. I had never heard of anything like that.

    Anyway... this is a cool story bro thread. Sorry

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