Very impressed with Jacare


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Feb 8, 2011
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Of all the SF fighters Jacare impressed me the most. He hits hard, has great takedowns and has killer submissions.

I think he's going to go far in the UFC, in fact I think he's a future champ. I can even see him beating A. Silva if Jacare doesn't over commit to striking and keeps his wrestling and jujitsu sharp.

I mean Gil and DC are good and I think also potential future champs but Jacare has a distinctive style that I think is really interesting to watch.
jacare will have no problem beating 99 percent of UFC middleweights.
He won't fight AS. they are great friends and training partners. I do see him beating everyone else though.
He got a pretty decent match up and I predicted him to run through Herman like he did but yes, top 5-10 mw for sure. He's a beast I really like Jacare
He's an unbelievable fighter with a fun gimmick haha I hope he dominates in the UFC! I personally thought he beat Rockhold but it was a veryyy close fight so I couldn't really be upset. Excited to see what's next for him.
hes so strong for his age. im a huge jacare fan through jiu jitsu. but I feel like he wont be as successful in the UFC as most people think he will.

I hope he proves me wrong
Jacare is going to be a force in the UFC. But I'm interested to see how the UFC handles him and Anderson. You know they're not going to fight each other because they're good friends and teammates.
Jacare vs roger should be obvious.
they have a legendary rivalry in their jiu jitsu carrers..
in fact, i think they are 1 and 1

Great fighter,a potential UFC MW champ if Anderson retires.

They will not fight each other that's certainty. The two options for him now is either Jake Shield or avenge his defeat against Luke.
It will be interesting to see who will do better in the UFC between him and Rockhold.
Nobody has walked through Herman like that. Jacare could beat most of the division for sure. Not sure about future champ but right now he's definitely top 5.. not by ranking but by skill level IMO.
His last two performances have me convinced that he had a bad night against rockhold, I think he could win a rematch
In all of Ed Herman's fights I have never seen him just get steamrolled like that.