Venum Thai Pads Vs Fairtex


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Dec 3, 2012
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Hello to everybody, this is my first message here, english is not my native language so please forgive my mistakes on the language usage.

I'm looking to acquire a pair of thai pads, after look around I ended with a shortlist of the Venum and the Fairtex curved standard on it.

Have anybody experience with both of this? I read good reviews of Fairtex, but honestly none of the venum thai pads, however, I do have products of this brand and all them are great.

Thanks in advance
Tbh, I think fairtex is over rated! You might want to consider windy as I think windy is as good n cheaper!
We should design our own pads.

The leather from Boon, handle from Fairtex, and padding from Twins...
I finally ordered a pair of Fairtex at, the price there is $89 + shipping (about $60) but I had to pay international shipping too ordering it in USA since I live in Mexico, for 11 pounds on UPS were almost the same on shipping costs. I should receive it the next monday.
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People who say the venum brand is no competition have no idea what they are talking about or they never even tried to use venum......venum is just as good or maybe even better than fairtex (i own both brands).....The choice is really up to you, both brands are great if u ask me, you can't go wrong with either one