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    This glove is very poorly made

    When I first got it in the mail, I inspected it: there were some loose threads in stitching inside and outside the glove. The grip bar on the right glove was out of the socket, and it occasionally pops out if you're not careful with it.

    After 2 sessions with it (training muay thai), some threads are really coming out. I wouldnt recommend clinching in them (which is what I suspect is the cause lol should've known better) I'm guessing I have to burn the ends of the threads as a solution?

    I read the reviews on amazon, knew it was hit or miss, but it really is shoddy craftsmanship (made in china). I just wanted to see how venum was as a brand. I know their more expensive stuff is made in thailand, so im sure its better quality, but that that price you might as well go with a more trusted thai brand.


    other things:

    Fit: 14oz fits pretty well on my hands, 150 lb.
    Design: I like the venum design, the glove curves in at the end of it.
    Padding: very thin
    Misc: comes with an extra mesh bag for gloves, I like it. I dont really carry my gloves outside of my gym bag, but i guess I could, and it could still air dry

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