Vemola injured - Leben vs Brunson now on


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Jan 2, 2009
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USA TODAY Sports learned Tuesday that Brunson has verbally agreed to replace an injured Karlos Vemola and now meets Chris Leben on the pay-per-view-opening bout of next week's UFC 155 event.

Never heard of Brunson, but he's apparently a Strikeforce import stepping in on short notice. Any one else think Varner vs Guillard takes the main card spot now and this fight gets pushed to the prelims?
So ready to see Leben back in cage..... I don't even care if he wins, I home he does but just glad to see him back. He is never in a boring fight!
They should let Leben fight Guillard
Ughhhhhhh, I was actually looking forward to seeing Vemola vs Leben

Leben will destroy Brunson