Velcro Problems (Boxing Gloves)


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Jan 13, 2005
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I'm having problems with the velcro on my twins boxing gloves (white).

The hook tape (the velcro with stiff little hooks) on the strap is still functional but the loop tape (soft and fuzzy velcro) on the glove itself has stopped grabbing onto the strap.

I may have gotten some cleansing solution on the loop tape when I was cleaning my gloves and this may have something to do with it. But my black gloves which I cleaned with the same solution still work fine. I bought both pairs of gloves 4 months ago. Is it possible that white loop tape is made with different, less efficient material from black loop tape ...

I tried cleansing the loop tape with washing detergent but that didn't work, I'm considering trimming the loop tape. But I'm not sure if that'll work.

Any help would be great! thanks!
Whate fucks wrong with people "cleaning" the gloves or even sometimes throw them in the washmachine, lol.

That velcro wont grab anymore. Buy your self a new pair of gloves. Couse u fucked those up, period.
All I did was wipe off some blood with a special wet tissue (used for leather goods). I think the wet tissue had some gloss on it and though I didn't wipe the velcro portion of the glove, the velcro may have gotten some gloss on it when it rubbed against my other glove.

I hope someone can help me, because I can't afford another pair.
Inspect the loop material closely. Something is keeping it from grabbing onto the hook material, and I don't think just cleaning it would damage it. Are you sure it's not the hook side that's not sticking?

Would replacing the velcro be possible?
First off, make sure that the hook strip is really working - stick it to the loop strip on one of your other gloves.

If it passes this test, examine the loop tape closely - you mentioned something about gloss. Is the loop tape gummy, or worse, crusty and hard? I know you said you had scrubbed the loop tape with detergent, but if it's got a coat of somehard glossy crap on it you might need to try again.

If you don't find anything glossed on or caked in the loop strip, try gently rubbing a hairbrush on the loop strip to rough it up a bit and see if the straps hold after that.

If none of that flies, the velcro may simply be worn out. The fuzzy side of velcro is always the part that wears out first. If you have decent sewing skills, you might be able to either remove that strip and replace it, or trim it down and sew a new strip over it.
Hi possenti,

The hook seems to be ok.

I inspected the loop and visually it looks fine. No change, neither better nor worse.

If anyone knows of any cleansing solution that's good at washing out gloss/polish, oil, please let me know, thanks!

Also I wonder if the problem is the velcro itself. The white velcro on these gloves look fuzzier and softer than the black velcro on my other gloves (same make and series).

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

I might have to replace the loop. If anyone has any advice on how to replace it, I'd love to hear it.
Hi CHawkins,

The loop tape is neither gummy nor crusty and hard. It actually looks and feels softer than the velcro on my other gloves.

I tried scrubbing with detergent again but no change.

I tried the hair brush but unfortunately no change.

You're right, maybe it's just worn out. Yeah, I might have to sew on a new one. But 4months is pretty fast.
4 months IS pretty fast, usually it takes a few years for Velcro to wear out.

Try contacting the vendor you bought the gloves from and seeing if they are willing to provide any remedy. It doesn't sound as though you've done anything outside the parameters of normal use, and under normal use that velcro should hold up.
Thanks! I'll try giving them a call!
Unfortunately, The vendor couldn't help me. But I found something interesting on another mma site, in regards to a fairtex vs twins thread.

"...i have known more than a few people who have had problems with the velcro on the twins gloves, it just stops sticking for some reason, then you have to tape them with every use..."

I wonder if anyone has experienced this problem with their twins gloves.
Go to a good leather shop and have them sew on some new commercial grade velcro. It shouldn't be more then $15. It's better then throwing out a good pair of costly gloves.