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Mar 21, 2008
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First post. Please don't kill me if I posted this in the wrong forum. And I have searched forever on this topic.

I go to a gym regularly and am looking to get into fighting/martial arts. The gym I go to offers nothing besides yoga.

I live in Pahrump, NV (about 50 miles outside of Vegas.) and the only two schools here are Dragon Cloud Chu-Go-Ku Kenpo Karate and Vagabond Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

I called Dragon Cloud and here is how the conversation went:

Me: Hi. I'm calling to see what your rates are and how to get started.
Him: Umm... That's not how we work...
Me: Okay. How do you work?
Him: You have to attend a free class on Monday. After that, the class will "evaluate" you to decide if you fit in and after that we will negotiate a rate with you.
Me: Oh... Okay.

Now, I've never been to a school before. But that seems awful scammerific. I didn't know karate schools were so selective about someone who wants to take classes. Is that normal?

The Kung Fu school doesn't answer the phone the last 3 times I called but I'm not very interested in Kung Fu to begin with.

Does anybody know of any other good schools around Pahrump (or maybe even Vegas) that will take a complete noob like myself?

Thanks guys.
Extreme Couture and Master Toddy's in Vegas

50 miles is a long way out though...
Toddy's I wouldn't bother with. 1-Kick Nick's is a much better place for Muay Thai.

But I'm not sure what schools are near Pahrump. You'd still have to come into the City for good training, at least to Summerlin.
Thanks fellas.

Anybody have a link or an address for 1-Kick Nick's?
I googled it and it only came back with two posts on this forum. Nothing in the phone book either.