variations of "hold downs" while on opponents back


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Dec 13, 2004
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This thread was inspired by the "body triangle vs hooks" thread, but i felt it needed it's own thread to clarify some specific control points people may know of, and have mentioned.

For example i heard people talking about a "deep hook" Marcelo Garcia style????? and Riding your legs up higher on your opponents torso WITH you legs crossed to avoid the ankle lock (for people with short legs)...

Of course there are techniques that lend themselves to short or long legged people (case in point the body triangle ONLY for long legged people primarily).

Another hold down i didn't see was the actual TRIANGLE hold down just from the opponents back (arm bar, etc.)...
of course there's the, one hook in and the other hook "overhooking" the opponents arm to keep it from defending RNC.

I can think of a few more but i want to see what some of the responses are like first.

It gets a little more complicated than the basic hooks in versus the body triangle. I know some advanced grapplers will have some input.
I like to actually have my feet off the ground and
put all my weight on their hip, so I can track their movement and
keep weight on them. sinking in hooks at right time takes timing.