variation on the roundhouse kick

Marvin Covar

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Mar 4, 2005
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i'm currently attending this MMA school and my trainer gave me this variation on the MT roundhouse. instead of just pivoting your foot and swinging the leg, you clip your kicks. first, you raise your leg like your going to knee then you pivot your leg and throw the kick all in one motion. also, he said that when hitting the low kick, the shin should hit the target downward. i tried them and they seem effective. any opinions on this?
Sounds like a classic karate mawashi-geri, where you chamber your let before and after the kick. It is a good kick, and often unexpected as it comes from a different angle, but not quite as powerful as a classic MT roundhouse.
Yea thats def a modified Muashi geri from Karate. That particular kick is called a Question mark kick in my Dojo.

It has the shape of a ? thus the name as well as it is a trick kick designed to fool the opponent in trying to block low then u go over the guard and kick to the head.

It is a grat kick against an inexperienced fighter as instictivley they drop there guard to block the Phantom front kick or knee but in effect you pivot and swivel your hips and hit to the head.

The bad side is its not as powerful as a normal round house to the head and its slightly slower b/c of the nature of the kick and the movments required by the hips to excute.

Never the less its my equal favourite kick with the spinning back/side kick.
It sounds like you're talking about something like this kick.
If you go into the thread, you will see some gifs of what it looks like. See if this is what you mean.