Variating workout, getting back to lifting.


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Aug 21, 2006
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Ok guys, after wrestling season and really no lifting becasue of lack of time and energy, I am back to lifting. Problem I had int he past, is variating my workout which in turn shafted me into very little gains. I am turning that around this time and am trying to fix it.

So I have a Quad/Hamstring/Glutes movement (Squat, front squat) A hip movement (DL, Sumo DL) A ertical and horizontal push movement (bench, incline bench, SOHP) and a pull movement (BOR, pull ups)

How many different exercises should I use for each of these movements? Are the same 2 good? (back and front squat) or 3? or as many as possible?

another problem I have is knowing what exercies to do. I go to college and my gym is limited to some aspects. So instead of squat and front squat, what is there? Barbel lunge? For DL, stiff legged dl? How about for bench and BOR? For SOHP, what else can I do? Military press and push press?

Right now, here is what im doing for the next 3 weeks:
Mon: Squat, BP, BOR overhand all # Reps for 5 sets.
Wed: DL, Push Press, pull ups (I can barely do any, but ill try)
Fri: Same as monday.
I also plan to the plank and side plank on these days interchanging them.

Another question I had is what amount of weight should I use between the sets. Is it better to make each set heavy and hard on me, or start easy and go up in difficulty? Like have the weights 5 pounds difference between sets, or 10 pounds? This has always confused me. Id think since I want to get stronger, have the weights heavy?

Thanks a lot!
anyone have favorite squat and bench varaitions they like to work?
where in the faq does it talk about differente exrcise variations?