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Valueable and informative Grappling DVDS


Orange Belt
Mar 17, 2004
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which should i look into?

they can be specialize in one thing if they are really useful (like leg locks, takedowns, escapes, etc.)
I found Cesar Gracie's DVDs to be really good. I take Sambo, but no one really explained how to setup moves and all the steps involved (plus pitfalls to avoid) as well as Cesar Gracie on the DVD. It is a really good instructional.
anything by Frank Shamrock, his instruction is so clear that your game will get better just from watching his DVD's
Randy Couture's takedown from the clinch video was pretty good for me.
I really like Gholar's. Marcio feitosa has a nice set. I like Marcelo's set. Bas Rutten's Big DVD's of Combat for the big spender...
Mario Sperry's stuff is great. Also you might look into Marcelo Garcia and Bas Ruttens Big DVDS of Combat.