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    The 1 week long mma camp which is done by my gym once a year has now been organized , the price is very very ,small something about 300$ , so money isnt that much of a problem ( but then again you have to realise that in my country the sallary is 5x smaller than in usa I think , and everything is cheap here , but its still cheap ) , and ehm our trainer is trying to get the most people to come , saying how from most guys that went , the 1 week is like 9 months of training ... that its really intensive and everybody comes back and goes to the level of a pro fighter in blablabla ...

    I dont know what to think ,I really dont , and the camp would be quite a problem since Its going to be in the time with lots of exams in school - I can be excused , but then Ill write like 6 tests the next week everyday , I dont know something might go wrong what will I do then ....

    To be honest Ive never been to a training camp so I cant judge , would you say its worth it ?

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