USGrappling Tourny Bear, DE



Sorry if this is a repost but who is entering the tournament on the 21st in Bear, Delaware for the USGrappling Diamond State Games? I think I am entering this one, it will be my 1st tournament and I'm most likely competing at 139 if I do enter. I haven't been able to train much since I've been working 24/7 and I'm pretty sore from yesterday which isn't the best sign but it may be a good experience. I also have to cut 6lbs, mostly water weight.
I will be there. This will be my third US grappling tourney and I can honestly say it is one of the best run tourneys in the area. It makes Naga look like a clusterf#ck. The competition is pretty good as well. I compete in masters and there was 8 guys in my bracket which is a pretty nice turnaout for the old farts division.