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User Submitted Techniques


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Sep 23, 2002
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This thread is for submitting techniques and other "tip of the day" type of material, whether it's a post with pictures that walk you through a move, or something detailing a helpfull strategy or training excercise, post it here.

Please clearly label your post in bold text (there's a button for it above the text box) so that the thread can be easily searched for specific material. I.E. ARMBAR FROM THE GUARD: CROSS-FACE SETUP

The rules are as follows:

  • Any kind of helpfull and detailed post is allowed, strategy, setups, training drills, etc POST IT.
  • No bullshit. Anything that is not helpfull, legible and applicable to grappling will be deleted ASAP. Please keep the bullshit to a minimum.
  • ANY TYPE OF GRAPPLING is desired, wrestling, Judo, BJJ, Sambo, Sumo, ground&pound, clinch striking, anything at all.


begin by securing a strong grip on both of my opponent's sleeves. I then proceed to rotate my left foot around outside of his arm, placing my ankle between his forearm and bicep. He is now in my spider guard.

Next, I rotate my body clock wise until I am at a 45-degree angle to my opponent. I then secure my right shin across his belly.

From here I rotate until I am at a 90-degree angle to my opponent, next I pass my right leg through and make the triangle.

then release my grip on his right sleeve, and place my right hand on the back of his tricep. Once I have his arm secure, I do the same with my left hand.

To finish the move I pull down on his tricep, lift my hips, and press my knee towards the ground.


Sucu traps mushs elbow with right hand andplaces left hand on hip


sucu bridges and swims right hand under mushs right arm to push him away


sucu pushes mush away with right arm under his armpit (the hiesman pose)

sucu grabs the pants and escapes the hips a little


as he hips out he lifts mushs leg and traps it with his left leg


sucu mow sits up and controls the hips very tightly

sucu now swings the left leg over to set the other hook and take the back

this is one of my favorites the words "hiesman pose" help me to remember it easier. i see a lot of requests and questions on mount escapes, so oi thought i would post one moost people dont do.
sweep from standing guard pass attempt


from the standing guard pass, sucu keeps his legs tight around matts waist


sucu holds both sleeves at the wrist and drops his legs to knee level and clinches them tight around Matts legs


sucu then changes his grip to a cross grip

sucu then grabs the gi at the neck with his left hand, keeping control of the legs with his (at the knees) and keeps the grip on matts arm, sucu bumps to his right side a little.

alternate view


sucu then pulls with the left arm that is at the collar, sweeps with the legs, and does not let go of the arm he has held at matts wrist

sucu then has side contol and one of matts arms trapped
Escape From The Straight Foot Lock

Lets assume your already caught in the foot lock. You tried to roll with him, but grabbing the collar/neck failed for any reason.
I belive that this is a very simple, BUT effective technique

Step 1. Remove your opponents foot from your hip and pin it down!

Step 2. Once the leg is pinned, grab the LOW part of the pants

Step 3. Feed The grip on the pants to the other hand. (look at the pic its self explanitory, my had is BEHIND my back)
Step 4. Now you will slide/hop your ass over your opponents leg. As you slide, with the hand that is grabbing the leg, stretch it. Keep holding on to the grips. IF his knee is blocking your ass from sliding over, with the HAND that is grabbing the collar, pin the knee down also.

Step 5. Once you have reached you opponents side---Plant your right hand and come over to reach the mounted position.

Step 6. Do i really need to show you the mounted position? Yes i do.


This is really simple and effective IMO. It is my first reaction when i get caught in a straight foot lock. Without the Gi it is much harder.
Counter a footlock to a heel hook

Note this is a heel hook therefore making it EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!

Step 1. I will open my left leg to show you guys what is going on. Normally my knees would be close together.
Notice my opponents heel is begging to get caught. I will gladly take it.

Step 2. I Place both hands on the heel- secure the grip....

Step 3. Lean back and pull the heel. He WILL tap.

Again, normally my knees would be close together, but i wanted you guys to see what was going on. And normally i wear white GI pants but this is easier to seperate myself from my opponent. And this technique is VERY DANGEROUS! Be Cautious When you apply this technique.
Advanced Turnover

Here is a turnover that is one of my favorites. It looks very dificult, and even when you do it yourself, it WILL seem unlikely taht it wil ever happen. i must tell you, this technique is my FIRST reaction when someone stands up. With practice, this technique will come easy.-----Again with pics its self-explanitory.

We will start from the close guard.

Step 1.
As soon as the opponent stands up, your foot/leg work will automatically be in this position. In this example, my right foot is hooked behind my opponents left knee. My Left foot is placed against my opponents hip. (Notice My opponents hands are not shown in order for you to see the footwork, but normally the opponent will be grabbing on to you.)

Step 2.
I grab my opponents left sleeve. ALWAYS! grab your opponents opposite arm. NEVER grab the same side arm. The technique WONT work. My right hand grabs my opponents heel.
Now that i have BOTH my grips in place, i will now SWING! my right foot and slide my butt and place it on my opponents left foot.

A closer look at how it should look

Step 4.
Now that my body is positioned in my opponents left side, i HOOK my opponents right leg and stiffen my foot. My left leg pushes his knee away, thus making it easier for my foot to hook.
Here is a side view----

Step 5.
My left leg now comes in BETWEEN my opponents Left hand and Left leg. NOTICE how my feet are positioned.
Step 6.
My right hand now LETS GO of the heel, and grabs the opponents belt. Notice my legs are NOT stretched out...YET.


Step 7.
NOW i can let go of the sleeve grip and with both hands grab my opponents belt with BOTH hands. And bring my legs closer...im loading a cannon. My legs will now shoot UPWARDS and my hands will pull his belt down. the position will then look like this

From here you can go for a collar choke, or RNC, its up to you.

This technique is VERY effective if done with the right timing. It might look complicated but i assure you when you try it, it WILL seem simple and easy to apply. have fun withh it......
Simple Collar Choke

You might be thinking "WTF are you posting a simple collar choke?" The answer is, because this move is VERY simple and for some reason i have not seen anyone do it. I do it from time to time. the difference between this choke and the cross collar choke is the set up. Thats all.

Step 1. Lets get to it
I slide my right hand into my opponents collar, THUMB OUT!

Step 2.
I place my LEFT hand over my right THUMB INSIDE!

Step 3.
Now with both hands WHIP his head up. Giveing enough room to slide your left hand AROUND his head. WHIP it.... WHIP it good!
Notice my hand motion.



Step 4. Finish the move, by expanding your torso, and pplanting your head on the ground
Arm Drag (Wrestling)
I like this variation of the arm drag because it HURTS your opponent.
Step 1.
We start in a tie up. Then simply turn my left hand into a fist (adds power).


Step 2.
My right hand now grips my opponents tricep.

Step 3.
Once i have my grips tight, i turn my upperbody to my right, and lowering my level. This will cause his arm to hurt. Feeling like a keylock for a quick second. (Note this is wrestling so it is a painfull, but LEGAL technique)

heres another view.

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