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Used or Cheap Matts?


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May 26, 2005
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Just wondering if anyone has any good resources for used or cheap matts? If it matters i'm in Buffalo, NY.
A friend of mine posted this on another site. I've rolled on these before and most of them are still in really good shape. His name is Joe and tell him Ron from SSF sent you and to give you a good deal. If you want, I can go down and pick out the best ones for you.

I have approximately 42 swain gold medal 1.5" grappling mats that are great for stand up or ground work, bjj or thai we have done both on them. They are about five years old new they sell for about 125 a piece. Need to sell them all I can be reached at 804-550-5115 can probably ship them anywhere in USA Make an offer! Or you can e-mail me at [email protected] or call my school at 804-550-5115 you can see pics at www.worldclasskick.com go to the bjj page

Try to find an old school that is renovating. That is what I did - there is a thread about it.

I ended up paying $8 apiece for 1x1 meter (a bit over 3x3 foot) rubber puzzle mats. 125 sounds a bit expensive for used tatames to me, but they are probably a lot nicer than my puzzle mats.
They were $125 a piece new. I don't know what he wants for the used ones. I would pay anywhere near that price. Let me know what Joe says.

thanks for the help guys. i've passed the info on to who needs it.
get em on e-Bay! just watch and they come up, usually you pay more to get them shipped then what you win the bid for. I have purchaced several 42'X42' 3 piece school mats for less than 1000 bucks. It pays to be patient, one will show up near you. Used to be, you could go to your local school and ask real nice to be called when they were replacing the mats, but with the days of tight budgets, the school districts usually auction them off now.