USA Wrestling publishes pre-season Grappling rankings

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Mar 27, 2007
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USA Wrestling publishes pre-season Grappling rankings
USA Wrestling

USA Wrestling has published a pre-season ranking for its Grappling programs, featuring the top men and women Grapplers in the nation. A committee of Grappling leaders has developed these rankings, which will be published monthly during the USA Wrestling Grappling season. The rankings are based upon the FILA rules of Grappling, as conducted in USA Wrestling sanctioned events.

A complete schedule of USA Wrestling Grappling qualifying events will be published during March. Visit for more information on USA Wrestling Grappling programs.

USA Grappling Pre-Season Rankings
(released March 13)

1. Victory Athletics
2. Cobra Kai Jiu-Jitsu
3. No Limits MMA
4. Paragon Jiu-Jitsu
5. Team Takedown
6. Team Quest
7. Grappler
Its based off of participation in USAW Grappling events, qualifiers and world team trials.
Is no-gi submission grappling on its way to becoming an olympic event?
Thats still in the distance but the groundwork is being done....First chance wouldnt be till 2016/2020.
Ryan's a great grappler and I see him moving up this year because he is very interested in competing at the qualifiers and trials.
Rafael Lovato Jr under Jake Roshholt? are the wrestlers doing submission tournament now? I wouldn't mind seeing a video of him or hendricks.
These rankings are based off of participation in USA Wrestling events which include last years qualifiers, world team trials, FILA worlds and events that have been held recently. Some grapplers qualified for the world team trials last year through a partnership USA Wrestling made with other grappling promoters (NAGA, GQ, WGG) but did not compete at the trials so therefore have not competed under this ruleset. This is just a starting point for the soon to be released qualifer dates for this years world team trials. There will be changes as accomplished grapplers compete and succeed in the FILA rules.

You want a video, here you go. This is from a couple months ago but they are doing the grappling to help them with their mma skills. They train at Cobra Kai and Laimon says that Rosholt and Hendricks will be UFC Champs in the near future.