Urgent, Please Help Me (Specific ?s)

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Feb 7, 2005
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Okay heres my current situation/question:
I have NO weights nor ANY money to buy them, that being said can somebody please give me some ideas to help me in these areas:

Hip Power: Pertaining to kicking in muay Thai, and controlling weight in my guard for BJJ.

Pushing/Pulling Power: a specific example would be once you've attempted an armbar and your legs are across they're face, I can't pull they're arm back.

Kicking Power: Self explanatory.

Sorry if this has been done before or is a ridiculous thread, but I could really use your help.
If you can spare $10-$20 you can make yourself a sandbag. With that you can do all sorts of exercises to hit every muscle in your body. It can be as heavy as you want. It's not tough to make a 200 lb soundbag. There are plenty of articles on sandbag training. A bonus is that you'll hit your grip hard.
One exercise I like for the guard is buddy crunches. With this your partner is standing and you pull guard on him. He stays standing and supports your lower back if neccessary. Go back as far as possible than situp.
as far as your example for pulling power, technique will count more than strength. For kicking, kick a heavy bag.
burpees, sprints, split squat jumps, hill runs, pullups, gymnastic excercises, standing abwheel rollouts.
I'd suggest bodyweight exercises. I tried them for a very brief time.

Try swinging from trees too. Primate strength has no match in the animal kingdom.
Do one burpee (tuck jump and pushup included), rest thirty seconds, do two burpees (tuck jump and pushup included), rest thirty seconds, continue until you think you're going to vomit. If you can do this all the way up to 20 or 30, jump rope 50 times in between sets. Now go do some pullups.

and if you are having trouble putting somebody in an armbar, go to BJJ practice. If you want to learn to rip somebody's arm off in an armbar, you're going to have to buy some damn weights.

An option that won't take much weight (you can pick up cheap weights used at a garage sale, or use the aformentioned sandbag) is the burpee+bear:
Hold onto a barbell (or sandbag, whatever)
squat down,
kick legs out (in pushup position with hands still on the bar)
pull legs back in
front squat
back squat

you can use this complex with the first scheme (1, rest 30 seconds, 2, rest thirty seconds, etc.)

They need to add the sledgehammer room to most gyms, and change the drywall every day :p It would be the most popular workout area :)
Haha, that would be great, but crowbar pwns the sledgehammer when it comes to drywall. A tire and sledge in every gym wouldn't be too much to ask for though.
Thanks for all the advice, I knew most of these exercises but still I'm glad to get a descent response.
Also, and again I'm sorry if this sounds stupid but when you guys talk about the "sledge-hammer workout" are you just talking about hitting random shit with it?