Upper body movement in an MMA/MT context


Soul Rebel

There is alot of talk going about about the ineffectiveness of head and upper body movement in fighting styles permitting kicks (and take downs). While there is a certain logic to that statement I find it hard to believe. Are these techniques really ineffective in MMA (or in a street fight)? Mind you, I expect that there must be some modifications to make it applicable.

And yes I have seen the Couture vs. Sylvia match, regardless, it is still rarely utilized.
Moving your head out of the way of a punch is never a bad idea.
the spider did it, but people could just argue that hes a freak of nature with spider like reflexes.

but i dont buy it either.
Mind you, I expect that there must be some modifications to make it applicable.

Dont overuse it and keep hands a little closer to the face. Getting kicked isnt the biggest worrry if you have good head movement (meaning subtle and not bending too much or getting too low) but its easier to get clinched and kneed. But fact is getting clinched and kneed can happen any time.

I would MUCH rather be the guy who CAN move his head and have very aggressive defense than the guy who is painted into a box.

being unpredictable is MUCH more important than simply not using head movement. Head movement has a place, even top guys liike Rob Kaman says so, and since he has forgotten more about fighting than any of us will ever know I believe it.
It works in Muay Thai. I've seen MT guys train headmovement so they obviously think it works. As far as MMA goes, blind MMA loyalists are ever ready to dismiss boxing. First they're like "Jabs don't work in MMA." Jabs work. Then they're like "headmovement doesn't work because you get kicked." Randy dodges Sylvias punches with headmovement. What next? body shots don't work? Straight punches don't work? Next thing you know, they'll be saying punching doesn't work.
We are still taught it and utilize head movement at our thai gym.