Up punch power by pulling cords


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Jul 20, 2005
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I read Maher's (strenth training for MMA) and in a boxing instructional I've seen that to increase punching / kicking speed and strength, you actually train the opposite muscles (for example, punching you would train your bicepts and do seated rows and stuff.) and kicking you would train your hamstrings as opposed to quads. Also use a heavy weigh\s to build fast twitch fibers.

The reason they said to train the opposite was that it enhances the "snap" or "stop" effect when you pull back as fast as you punch, thats where the most power is generated along with violent rotation of the core (which you can train in reverse as well)

Assuming all of this is true, I bought a thick rubber cable, and tie it to about shoulder hieght or a little lower. Then I throw a few punches and then pull the cable back hard in the Exact reverse motion that I threw the punch. I do this about 20 times or until I feel a burn. I do this with my right cross as well as my jab. (it hard to find something to work my "REVERSE uppercut muscles -lol- but I assume it would be something like a pullup)

What do you all with experience think about this. Two of my trainers have said something to the effect that I have heavy punches. So please advise me about this excersise:

1. Could it have any negative impact on my punching power?

2. Is this method worth my time and effort?
the only negative effect it will have is if you don't train the opposing muscles as much
its really hard on your body to train that way
its fantastic though
just don't OVERTRAIN with this one it'll fuck you up
p.s.At first, to get used to it, pull back slow and hard to minimise the risk of injury
you uh might uh want uh to uh put uh question uh mark uh after uh your uh title uh cause uh people uh are uh going uh to uh think uh That this is a thread about advice to increase punching power. I was greatly disapointed, and I don't want others to feel my pain. I do know this, if you focus on the pull back of the punch, you seem to punch faster. I read this, and stood up and tried it, and it uh works.
What happens when you let go of the cable in mid-strike? lol And by the way, it seems like you're training the muscles that are used in coordination with the execution of the punch and not for impact self. just an opinon. Good excercise, though.
I think you are talking about training for explosion of power. Seems like it would not work for techniques that don't recoil, MT roundhouse for example.