Unity Classic Update! Help Children in Chechnya


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Apr 5, 2005
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Hi all,

We are very proud to announce some great news regarding the Sptember 3 - 4, 2005 Unity Classic and North American Freestyle Sambo Championships! (see www.americansamboassociation.com or www.sombo.us for more info)

1) Grappling Magazine has been wonderful enough to offer us support by providing complimentary issues for the first 75 spectators who attend this event!

2) We are also very thankful to Grappler's Quest for their ongoing support and promotion of this event.

3) Lastly, and most importantly...

When we founded the American Sambo Association in 2003, part of our mission was to make a difference and contribution to the global community. That same year, we held our first fundraiser, earning $1,000 for Kids Kicking Cancer, Inc.

At this year's Unity Classic, we will be donating proceeds to ICCC: International Committee for the Children of Chechnya (www.chechenchildren.org)

Dr. Khassan Baiev, on the ICCC Board, known to many of you through his international sambo competitions, has generously donated five autographed copies of his acclaimed book "The Oath" (http://www.theoathbook.com/home.php) for us to auction off at the event.

We will be silent auctioning 2 copies on Saturday and 2 copies on Sunday. We will reserve the fifth copy to auction on e-bay after the conclusion of the Unity Classic along with a Unity Classic poster signed by medalists and notable guests/players, two kurtki, a sambo instructional DVD, an event t-shirt, and other products we may get from our sponsors. All proceeds from these auctions will go to benefit the ICCC.

It is extremely important that we use the growth of our sport in this country as a vehicle to help the world around us. We look forward to your help in this endeavor.

See you in September!!


Stephen R Koepfer, President
American Sambo Association

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