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** UNDISPUTED King of Action movies: **


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Jul 25, 2004
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Everyone will probably go with Arnold or Stallone, but in my opinion Jackie Chan is the KING of Action movies.
He doesn't have the giant muscles or insane jaw line, but he's got balls and skills like nobody else.

One of the best fight scenes filmed in a movie:

His ridiculous stunts:
I think it's definitely disputed.
Meh - Jackie Chan ain't got nothing on Colt Seavers.

The Jet is in Grosse Point Blank. I'm guessing you know that. I hadn't seen that clip or film with him and Jackie Chan before. badass.
While I would say Jackie Chan is definitely one of the best; The Raid has some of the GOAT action scenes.

Buster Keaton is the king of Action Movies (although there was no such thing back then) and will never be surpassed.

I thought this was gonna be a thread about that prison boxing movie. That movie was sweet.
This one?! I love this movie.

Yea that one. Me and my brother fucking loved that movie we would watch it on VHS then invite all the neighbourhood kids over to have boxing tournaments in our basement. Some fat kid got jump kicked and his ass went through the drywall. My mom was pissed!
Sorry but Arnie is the king of action movies.

IMO martial arts movies are a separate genre entirely.
While I would say Jackie Chan is definitely one of the best; The Raid has some of the GOAT action scenes.

True true, but after seeing that style once, you really cant duplicate it in another movie, and have the same effect. They have shown everything they can in that movie since it is non stop action basically. Anything else they make will always be just an imitation.
donni yen
he was in
ip man 1 and 2
bodyguards and assassins
..."E"nd of "T"hinking "C"apacity
Damn this is hard.I'd put Chow Yun-Fat near the top spot.The killer and Hard boiled are badass action flicks.Not to discredit stallone,arnold,and willis,and gibson.All those guys brought the entertainment.
I'd go with Stallone because I used to watch Rambo 2 at lunch time when I was 6 or so.