Under Armour Duffle Bag Review

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    Retailer Information:

    Size: 76 cm x 38 cm x 41 cm
    Weight: 2 lbs
    Material: Ballistic Nylon and Ripstop
    Warranty: Lifetime

    Large team duffel, hexagon ripstop and ballistic nylon, patented roll out mat, oversized pockets, wet/dry tunnel pocket, neoprene handles and metal zippers.

    Alright, I recently got my new gear bag and as you can see it is an Under Armour Duffle Bag in large.

    First Impressions:

    My first impression was that the bag is very huge. But also very good looking and nicely handled. The bag has got embroidered logos and patches which are made of a kind of rubber.

    What can't be overlooked is the netlike pattern that is spread all over the bag.


    As I have mentioned before the bag is very huge. It has got on big bag in the middle and two small bags on the sides as well as a longish smaller bag in the front where the Under Armour logos was embroidered.


    Here you can see the size of the big bag in the middle:


    here compared to a pair of gloves:



    The bag is very well constructed. Logos, zippers and handles look very durable.


    The bag's material is very thick but not that heavy.

    Looks Great
    Logos are very well handled
    Huge (also a con), much space

    The bag is very huge and bulky


    I payed 40€ for the bag that are about 50$. For that price you can't go wrong.
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    packed with:

    Shin guards
    Boxing Gloves 16oz
    MMA Gloves
    2x Shorts
    Gi (Pants+Jacket)
    Jock Strap
    Skipping rope
    Knee pats
    BJJ + Karate Belt
    2x Rash guards

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    massachusetts and rhode island
    i have a underarmour dufflebag and its the best dufflebag ive ever owned

    ts your pictures are not showing
  4. risingD Guest

    sorry,flickr deleted them I try to get them back online

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