Under Armour and Rashguard sizes


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Jun 10, 2005
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Hey guys instead of using rashguards ive been using under armour, I want to try a rashguard to see which one I like best. Now what im wondering is if anybody here knows if I wear a medium in under Armour if that means I will wear a Medium in rashguards or how the sizes measure up. I did use the search function and saw a few guys asking about this but never getting an answer so I figured atleast one of them must know by now.
I'm sure you will like ANY rashguard better then UA which I think are cheap as fuck and serve no purpose for grappling. I wore them for football and remember kids paying 50 bucks 3 times because it would always rip. What is your size and height? That's the only way to determine your size.

Also for quality everyone feels that XFGear make the best in the market. If anything you can try other brands such as SSF.com, Riofightwear.com, casca-grossa, etc. Good luck and I guarentee youll love any of these rashguards more then UA.
XFgear.com is great if you can get past the billboard tags.

SSFgear is I heard are great rashguards.
XFgear.com is the best hand down for rashguards. If you want something plain then you can get their stock model that has only 2 small logos. The sizing is the same I think, if you were a med in UA then you will be a med in XFGear.
Anybody here used an FCF rashguard? I've been wondering if they're any good.
FCF stuff is always quality, from my purchases with them and others I have heard. If you want a loose fit you could try Sprawl.tv(Blue/Black) or SSFGear.com has some as well I believe HCK. Tight I would go with XFGear. Go with a Medium from any company. All of them, that I mentioned have great customer service reputations and by some chance it doesn't fit they will let you return it for the proper size. Hope that answers your Q.