Unbiased Opinions Wanted.


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Mar 4, 2008
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I am looking for unbiased reviews about a Mixed Martial Arts consulting firm I started last year which is launching in the next few months. Bascially, the business will be catered towards fighters that want to open their own MMA gym but dont have the business skills to do it right.

This will be an A-Z online tutorial (kind of like a online college class) on how to open a profitable gym ie. merchant accounts, business licensing, insurance, wholesale equipment accounts, custom bag cage construction etc etc. In addition to this service our team will also offer business plan reviews (for those just starting out) and business consulting for already established gyms.

I already own a couple other businesses including a highly profitable MMA gym that I built from the ground up.

What we are looking for is unbiased opinions about the business, possible pricing for the Online Tutorial, and anything else you can come up with. The website is under HEAVY construction but here is a link to what we have so far.