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UFN 110 PBP/discussion

Discussion in 'MMA Betting Discussion' started by EzFlyer, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. BatBoyJG Brown Belt

    Jan 27, 2010
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    I still can't believe how awful Steele fought
  2. MMA Goodfella #Engaged + a Joe-Jitsu Piano Belt Capper

    Oct 9, 2009
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    In front of the TV waiting for Game of Thrones S8
    Wow! You are seriously still settling Mark Hunt short and overreacting BB here. We have a K1 champion striker with good enough TDD to negate any real chance of being put on his back by a non-wrestler. What's more, Hunt is always going to have better cardio between the two. It was a one sided beat down and the Samoan was carrying the hammer.

    As far as the back injury and retirement talk go, that is straight baloney. I'm not saying he did have a back problem coming in,but I'm not sure how serious it could have bee or what the retirement talk was about afterwards. This when you consider that the entire week leading up to the fight BB was claiming that he had fighters in mind that he was going to call out after the Hunt fight ended. He was on social media poking and prodding Francis and a few others like he was straight looking past Hunt. It wasn't until all of a sudden that he got slaughtered that his back was shot and he was ready to hang up the gloves.

    It reeked of Tito Ortiz to me.

    What's remember that Mark is also 43 years old and has taken a shit ton of damage. If the black beast couldn't beat him then I'm not sure if he ever was going to.

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