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UFC on Fox 7 should be UFC vs. SF for Main Card.


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Nov 22, 2010
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Benson Henderson vs. Gilbert Melendez.
Daniel Cormier vs. Frank Mir.
Luke Rockhold vs. Costa Philippou (Rockhold has claimed this.)

Dan Hardy vs. Matt Brown, should be the headliner for the prelims.

End the card out with something interesting, like...

Gegard Mousasi vs. Shogun Rua.
Or Ryan Couture vs. Henry Martinez or something to get Couture hyped up as the son of the legend.

Idk, just my thoughts haha.
It kind of is, I just don't see UFC doing anything to damage their brand. It would look bad if a Strikeforce fighter beat a UFC fighter even though it's not about org, it's about current matchup.

I think UFC will just say we got these guys from Strikeforce and they are now UFC fighters so it doesn't damage their brand if they win.
Matt Brown vs. Dan Hardy should be the main card opener, it's definitely the favorite for FOTN.
Henderson vs. Melendez.
Mir vs. Cormier.
Brown vs. Hardy.
Couture vs. Noons 2.

Looks good to me as a main card. Two excellent UFC vs. Strikeforce matches, one highly anticipated UFC welterweight war and a desired rematch of a controversial Strikeforce fight as their UFC debuts.
Matt Brown vs. Dan Hardy should be the main card opener, it's definitely the favorite for FOTN.

came here to say this. I wouldn't mind Mousasi vs a top LHW as the forth FOX fight though
Imagine how that phone call goes

"Hey fox this is Dana, I have a great idea for the next show. Lets showcase a bunch of fighters that most of our fans have never heard of. Oh they've never actually been on our program, and our casual viewers that Fox attracts will have no idea who they are. You'll pull huge ratings tho, I'm Dana trust me".
There's no chance Ryan Couture will be on the main card of Fox 7

He'd co main the FX prelim card at the absolute maximum and that'd have to be against higher comp

Looking at previous Fox card trends, Hardy vs Brown is nailed on for the main card opener

I'd hope to see Rockhold vs Phillipou take that extra place

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