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UFC on FOX 7: Cormier vs Mir Official

"Mur"anda via Guillotine. I know, I know...I just want to make the unfavourable call for the fun of it.
mir by sub

Mir has explosive submissions, but his positional grappling and GnP defense (particularly from half guard) is really poor for a touted BJJ Black Belt.


Even prior to the motorcycle accident, Ian Freeman blasted him on the ground.
Joe Silva must love it when a guy literally does his job for him like Cormier. It's one thing to make call outs to guys that are injured but this made sense.
I know Cormier is a favorite here but I hope Mir pulls the ''upset''
There's a running theme here....a lot of people think Cormier will win but are really hoping for Mir to snap some shit up.
I love watching Mir fight heavy hitting wrestlers.
mir has proved us wrong many times but vs. cormier im almost positive he has no chance.
Either Mir by flying gogoplata or Cormier by pure systematic destruction.
Cormier will dominate Mir I dont see this going past for the first round