UFC.COM - "A Visit with Gunnar Nelson in Iceland"


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Oct 3, 2010
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"While visiting Iceland, UFC.com's Jordan Newmark checked in with rising star Gunnar Nelson."

Here's the interview:

A Visit with Gunnar Nelson in Iceland

The interview basically contains Gunnar's history of practicing different martial arts, how he likes to train and what he feels is the best way to improve himself.
He also goes into how him and his team prepare for fights and how they game plan for Gunnar's fights.
thanks for the article. i haven't seen much of his wrestling, but if that continues to improve he'll definitely be a force in the ufc. his mentality towards fighting is awesome.
Thanks for the Link!
I find his ideas of the clean fight, finishing while causing as little damage as possible on both parts, really refreshing. Kind of a retreat to old school martial arts ideals..