UFC Abu Dhabi - Who do you think will be on the card?

Jan deserves as much of the blame for how much it was perceived as "boring", Dana still put him in a #1 contender's fight vs Pereira after that. Dana has the memory of the goldfish these days, I really doubt he holds any form of a grudge still regarding that fight.

We'll see. I'd be mildly surprised if Ank gets it, but my main point here is it won't be in Abu Dhabi. I feel like I'm just repeating myself for no reason so I'll bow out lol
I really dont know tbh…

Ankalajev barely deserves a TS and especially not one against Alex in AD!

The chances that Islame fights in less than 5 months after his Justin fight are also slim.

So, no clue!
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If Islam wins vs Poirier, it's almost a guarantee that he will fight Arman on that card.
For a fight night in August? FAR from guaranteed. Historically, I'd say the chances of it happening are very low, if anything.
Dricus is unusual in that he's still based in South Africa, so it probably makes little difference to him where he fights. If he goes to Australia to fight Izzy, fair play. But they aren't running a show in South Africa anytime soon, so I guess, whatever.

Conor doesn't usually train in Ireland, or Iceland for that matter. Kavanagh goes where he's told. Abu Dhabi, California, wherever, so it makes no difference to him where he fights.

Islam will be training at American Kickboxing Academy as normal for his US-based fights.

All I'm saying here is that Alex Pereira isn't based in Abu Dhabi, doesn't have pre-existing ties to Abu Dhabi, and would be making a pretty big concession if he decided to fight in Abu Dhabi.

For what it's worth, Pereira is targeting Madison Square Garden in November. He'll probably fight before that, if the UFC pay him, but most likely in the USA. I can't see any way he fights in Abu Dhabi in 2024. He won't be on a Fight Night, and as the UFC 300 headliner, MSG is very likely.
Apparently Africa will be this year. I imagine South Africa is number 1 on the list, followed by blank, blank, Nigeria?
For a fight night in August? FAR from guaranteed. Historically, I'd say the chances of it happening are very low, if anything.

The AbuDhabi card is in late October.
I thought Sandhagen was pretty clear in his interview,that he has no intentions to give Umar any advantages regarding time and place.
What a bitch that must be, that you have no confidence in your fighting skills, non whatsoever that you can't fight someone because of certain location. When I first started watching this "sport" fighters just fought, when, where and whoever. This is why Sandhagen will not get a title shot, from his boring wrestling based game plans to complaining about fighting in a certain location, like that hinders your abilities & skills when every single fighter on the roster has fought all over the world.

Tyson Fury has fought 90% of his bouts in England & Europe yet you see no complaining from his opponents. You "fans" or should I say "haters" nowadays are so enthralled with where a bout is taking place that you can't even enjoy the actual fucking sport you allegedly is a "fan" of, it's sad at this point.
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People only bitch and cry when it's Abu Dhabi and not Brazil or England or anywhere else. You do realize it's impossible for everyone to fight where they are from every time?
Can we get Shavkhat a fight already. Maybe belal? Or straight to leon on the Manchester card?
Poatan already said he doesn't wasn't to fight Ankalaev in Abu Dhabi. Dude is active AF and doesn't want to wait so long for his next fight.

Also, as a champion, he doesn't need to fight in a place where the challenger has the favor of the public, the scale, the commission, the ref and the judges.

They don’t know. There’s a lot of conspiracies surrounding Abu Dhabi. I’m assuming they’re referring to Dagestanis. Nearly all of them have made weight in North American multiple times though.
But that doesn't help their argument.

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