News **UFC 303 Mcgregor/Chandler Not Happening. Will Be Re-booked For A Different Date MEGATHREAD**

UFC should have stopped pumping Conor years ago but they keep him relevant for some reason. He hasn’t been a top shelf fighter in a very long time and won’t be again.
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I'm actually super down for the new card over keeping the Conor fight. Conor can retire for all I care.
In case you haven't noticed the only "smoke" the last 2 weeks has been Ariel doing the following spiel:

- The night before his MMA Hour show he teases Conor/Chandler news to lure people into watching the next day's episode
- During his show he reports nothing at all and says whatever he does know is in flux and could change
- Then he disappears for the rest of the week after Wednesday as the MMA Hour is only Mondays and Wednesdays
- He reappears Sunday/Tuesday night teasing more news and the cycle repeats

Ariel isn't a reporter. He's an influencer.

Agreed. Ariel is a liar and Conor will be fighting at 303
Latest post: Conor is injured. Fight will be re-scheduled

According to Ariel the UFC are now reaching out to different teams. Poor outlook now on the fight actually happening according to Helwani (I'm not surprised).

MOD EDIT: Quick cliffs

- Fight very much in great limbo
- UFC reaching out for fighters to step in either for Conor or Chandler, or make an entirely new fight
- Ariel suggest that the right thing is for Conor to announce a new date if it's not happening
- Ariel doesn't think O'Malley, Pantoja, Topuria would fight in 2 weeks notice. Islam just fought. Leon is fighting in July. He doesn't think Izzy would fight in short notice as he put up a video starting his training camp. Jon Jones is hurt, Grasso is doing TUF. Zhang Weili might be one of the few options for them.
- Pereira has broken toes and is in Australia but he guess he might want to fight Jiri as the new main event for 303. Coz Jiri just said in an interview last weekend that he got a fight lined up and is just waiting for UFC to announce it.
- Ariel don't feel great on the possibility of it happening. "There's ups, there's downs (in reporting in real time) and right now there's extreme amounts of downs"

I know injuries happened and that Conor is the ultimate professional. .... but somehow I had a feeling this fight wouldn't happen. I just don't believe COnor has it in him anymore.
the next ppv will have alot of doubts and i can't imagine the gait being as high. they will not stack a mcgregor card either.

i doubt we see conor come back.

but im sure chandler will keep cutting promos lol. maybe he'll cut one alongside Tony calling out Khabib.
Agreed. Ariel is a liar and Conor will be fighting at 303
Ariel is coming out now saying he'd known all along Conor was injured but Conor's team told him not to report that so he didn't.

So yes, Ariel is indeed a liar who was throwing up smokescreen for 2 weeks instead of just reporting what he knew because he's an influencer, not reporter.
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