UFC 246 - A Throwback card (with unforgivable match making)

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    For those with fondish memories of the two digit UFC cards, this combined the bad match making from several of them.

    Welterweight Conor McGregor def. Donald Cerrone
    -squash match head liner
    -returning star pressure fighter against a notorious slow starter who hates being backed up
    -Cerrone wilts in the lime light but this one felt like you were waiting for Conor to wink into the camera

    Women's Bantamweight Holly Holm def. Raquel Pennington
    -rematch of a fight no one wanted due to lack of depth in a division
    -fun fact, they had THREE COMBINED WINS since 2016
    -first fight was a stale split decision, second fight was am even more stale UD
    -Holly doesn't hit hard, Pennington isn't chiny and both have just enough grappling to not be able to advance an engagement

    Heavyweight Aleksei Oleinik def. Maurice Greene
    -ok so this felt like a single digit UFC fight
    -Oleinik doesn't appear to have the mobility or coordination to throw a strike, Greene didn't know a 42 year who moves in slow motion would only grapple..?
    -this one really felt like the bad old days, there was a sense of inevitability but without any excitement

    Bantamweight Brian Kelleher def. Ode Osbourne
    -i was looking for Joe Silva in the crowd after this one
    -fun up and coming fighter, who like everyone will need to work on grappling, gets a guy with 9 submission wins in 30 pro fights for his 11th and gets twisted into knots....
    -the UFC has almost exclusively lucked into stars as they seem intent on snuffing out as many young guys as possible

    Lightweight Carlos Diego Ferreira def. Anthony Pettis
    -opening bout with a former champion who appears to be hanging around for the cheques and a penchant for being finished (quitting)
    -that choke was not across his face, even the commentary team couldn't move that one along
    -I truly believe in opening PPV fights being tone setters, they should be booked to be mismatches or fire fights

    This card gave me a weird sense of deja vu. It was one thing when there weren't enough compelling fighters to fill out every card, but this is arguably 1 of 3 marquee fights for the year and it was designed to be a let down.

    Am I just old now?

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