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Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by dipstickjimmy, Dec 28, 2016.

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    I got in to Vegas yesterday and ran into:

    Alex Olivera walking past in the hallway between the MGM & Signature, didn't talk to him.

    Justin Buchholz & Danny Castillo were coming out of the ? Asked them who they had fighting besides Dillashaw and Cody. They corrected me that Dillashaw wasn't with TAM anymore which I gaffed on. Were nice guys.

    Today I saw Johnny Hendricks in the Spa at the Signature. We chatted a little, he was with a couple of Team Takedown coaches and another fighter I think. Nice guy but I chatted more with his coach then him, as he was cutting weight. Johnny said he got away from wanting to hurt guys when I asked about him KOing Kampman & Fitch. I told him I was Canadian so had to root for GSP and his coach said they w
    ere Christian and would forgive me LOL.

    Conan Silveira of ATT and another coach that I recognized but can't remember his name.

    Saw Might Mouse going the opposite way on the moving sidewalk between MGM & Signature. Asked when his next fight was, he didn't know. I told him UFC should have booked him vs CM Punk at WW and he said "I would have whooped that ass."

    in b4 no pics didn't happen.
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    I'd call Hendricks on his bullshit, if I had the chance. Why didn't you take the testing for the GSP fight ? What is the reason for your decline between mid 2015 - present ? Have you been staying away from the fries ?
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    @Macalpinerules Get off your alt account, your real account is funnier
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    No pics didn't happen.
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