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UFC 155 parlay bet


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Jul 26, 2010
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What are your thoughts on a JDS Belcher Costas Miller parley? Getting 9:1 odds...I think they all win decisively.
That's a good parlay. I'd just be worried about Boestch ruining it.
i'd take lauzon and okami, but the latter will probably be very close.
Most Likely one of them loses.

I got Okami winning, Costas (but boetsch can definitely take this) Both Okami & Lombard are way tougher than Phillipou.

Just Parlay JDS & Miller
yes...he has ruined it before hasn't he? :icon_evil

Yeah, he has this ability to squeeze out wins as ugly as possible. Either by getting his ass beat for 2 rounds and then coming back, or by squeeking by Lombard in a leg kick fest.
Maybe for a couple bucks. But all these fights should be competitive so you certainly shouldn't bet this confidently.
I got Dos Santos, Lauzon, Philippou, Belcher and Wineland for about 30:1
Hate the choice of fighters and I hate your strategy.
Look for mainly single plays, if you want to make money.
wouldnt be too confident on those picks...some of those fights are tough to call...belcher/okami is tough but im leaning belcher...really dont know btwn costa/boetsch...thats a pick em for me...def. confident in JDS and Miller...not sure why people are so confident in Lauzon beating Miller...i dont see it...i think Holloway should send Garcia packing from the UFC...i think MJ beats Jury as well...id maybe parlay JDS, Miller, Holloway, Johnson...maybe throw Duffee on there
Belcher is gonna lose and Miller ain't worth it at -200
Im liking the look of JDS and Cain to see a second round at 6/5, anyone else think this looks more likely than a first round finish, i know the last fight ended with a first round knockout but you'd have to think that Cain will have tightened up his defence and will be looking to put JDS on his back early, i think if either fighter wins it will be in at least the 3rd round, I can see the first round being fought up against the cage by Cain, only bet that really stuck out to me really as over priced, also im gonna say Cain takes a decision here aswell but not confident enough to put any money on it, wouldnt dare put money against either fighter regardless of the opponent
i got JDS,Belcher,Boestch,Varner,Duffe,LEben,Ghita,Aerts,Zimmerman,Schilt,Bonjasky,Saki,KHaritonov,Manhoef,Baroni,Aoki,Fernandess for 530.
anything is possible, but i think the most likely guy to bust it is belcher.
I'm doing a similar parlay with Boetsch instead of Costas... Lauzon and Okami scare me though.