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Media Tyron Woodley blames the UFC Apex for bad performances at end of career, plans to fight again

woodley basically erased his whole career with that jake paul knockout. most people had no idea who he was when they saw him get faceplanted. when they find out he was a ufc champ, they think “no way, that guy?” horrible career decision for woodley.
He wasn’t able to pull the trigger anymore. That’s just not likely to change.
He's chasing that 1 last win because since "I'll beat yo ass" was released not a single ass has been beaten. He's fighting for rap credibility.

Game plan for his next fight (freebie for ya Woodley)

Upon starting the fight, bust out with your singing. When the opponent places his hands over his ears, just pounce on him. Make sure you keep singing while you have your way with him, his hands will remain stationary.​
Yikes. Looks like Woodley wasn't too smart with his money.
Maybe PFL could feed him a bum or two to retire on wins, or have Magomed get a name win over him for free.
Yikes. Looks like Woodley wasn't too smart with his money.
He isn't, he openly admits he's bad with
Money spending on Jewelry, cars etc.The worst part part about is he blamed racism at one point for it, saying no one thought him how to be save money and be be aware or your financials.
T-Wood reportedly got 2 million from the 2nd Paul fight, and that's not including any pay he made prior in his career. That was like 3 years ago how the hell do you blow through that much money so fast. Must have had a good ass time.