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Tye Fields v Monte Barrett

MC Paul Barman

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Mar 6, 2002
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Looks like this fight was added to the undercard of Diaz-Pacquiao.

Looks like Fields is upping the competition. It's not what Arum promised (Rahman) but it is better than what he has been fighting. Wish Barrett didn't have a 2nd round KO by Cliff Couser on his record, because a convincing win (if he wins) on the part of Fields might not be too indicative of anything more than Fields ability to beat a spent figher.
Barrett knows this is his last chance, plus he actually has notice for this fight and will come in top shape. The problem is he doesn't have great power to really test Fields chin. Let's hope Barrett has enough to finally expose Fields.
Yeah, this definitely is a step up for Fields. Hopefully, Barrett will give Fields the test he needs to have already had a long time ago.
flame me if you want...i've always liked Barrett and have always wondered what would've happen if he had the proper trainer. Most of his fundamentals have been awful but he's always been able to stay in the lower end of the mix.
at minimum, barrett has faster hands, compared to fields, and he should be able to put one on the button. if he doesnt have a defensive attitude for this fight, i see him knocking fields out. couser didnt intimidate him, hopefully fields wont either
Barrett had Valuev pretty stunned in the first round of their bout if I remember correctly. He's got some experience fighting taller opponents. Fields is just a huge tree begging to be chopped down IMO. As soon as he fights someone with a bit of skill/toughness to get through Fields early flurries, Its all over for the big man.

Im taking Barret by KO if/when this fight gets signed. I mean Fields got knocked out in the first round by a fighter with only two fights on his record compared to Fields 17 at the time.
Fields wouldnt be taking this fight i there wasn't an un-written guarantee of a KO over Monte. Cliff Couser basically gave him that.