Tye Fields on versus tonight..... again

MC Paul Barman

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Mar 6, 2002
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Eh, something to watch.

Bobby Pacquiao is fighting Urbano Antillon (21-0 - - 14kos) as well. Hope this fight gets aired as well.
Um, atleast Fields is active, let's hope that Willis can put up a fight, his opponents have a bad habit of not trying. Who will be around to watch this?

Tye Fields 275 vs Roderick Willis 254
Bobby Pacquiao 133 vs Urbano Antillion 134
I'll watch.
Lots of talk about Fields' 'vast improvement', and he's getting the push, but is it so ?
Everytime Manny has a big fight in Vegas, Bobby fights 2 days before at the Hard Rock. Last time you'll recall he decided the best way to score was to punch Velazquez low until they DQ'd him.

Tye Fields is absolutely huge in person. I wish he'd have a good showing against a quality opponent, unfortunately it doesn't seem like that's going to be happening in the near future.
I remember Bobby beating that guy's balls in, I heard he was like a factory worker in the Phil who every couple months when he needs a buck or two he'd come fight.

When he was low blwoing that guy into oblivion, I was laughing my ass off.
And now he's back, lol
Tye fields is slow as mollasses in january.

Ain't that right Kid Clinton :)