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Trying to make a Milankey
Dec 16, 2001
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Don't forget the patron Saint of slanging the iron, Ronnie James Dio

For those of you who don't know, I first discovered the magic of Dio while I was doing max reps on the GHR on xmas morning.

Also, when times get tough in the weightroom, don't forget to tap into your inner Lou

What would Lou do man? I'll tell you what Lou does when the lifting gets tough....he says "mahke it hoddah dod, mahke it hoddah". Lots of ephedrine and caffeine is ideal for helping channel and focus your Inner Lou

WWLD? Make it hoddah.
I only listen to Rainbow
Oddly enough, it was indeed Rainbow in the Dark that brought on the surge of inspiration.

Although Stand Up and Shout is what first got me listening to Dio.
*listens to holy diver*

*deadlifts a bajillion pounds*
i think he meant rainbow as in the band that dio was in before having his own set up.
Dio is about as gay a Judas Priest, literally and figuratively.
Yep, I also jam to Judas Priest when I lift.

My normal choices are things like Slayer, Entombed, The Haunted, Venom, etc.

But sometimes only a little buttrock will do.

Batman, all I can say is "DOH!".
I know it's gay but I usually listen to Testament!!
Testament actually has some pretty cool songs. It really varies from album to album in terms of the quality though from what I've heard. Dog Faced gods, and an instrumental they did that also had the word gods in the title (Hammer of the Gods maybe?) are my two favorite tracks.
i am surprised that the song "man on the silver mountain" doesn't get play time while you lift. if you delve into the lyrics of dio a lot of them are about abused kids and how they deal with the abuse.
I listen to "hungry for heaven" when I drink my protien shake
A little Metallica here and there doesn't hurt.
Judas Pries isn't bad.
Somebody on here reccomended Hatebreed but all their music sounds the same.